Hausarzt Schwyz

Niemann MD in Schwyz

Family Medicine

We offer you comprehensive general medical care, taking into account your personal situation and life circumstances. Our many years of practice put us in a position to offer holistic medicine tailored to suit your needs and expectations.

If necessary, we will refer you to specialized physician colleagues or to a hospital. We are part of a well-organized network.

We offer the family practitioner model with all major and minor insurers in Switzerland via:

Annual preventive medical checkups

Looking for a regular check-up? Many patients request this during the consultation. What are the recommendable check-ups? To people who belong to an at-risk group, different recommendations apply than for healthy men and women without symptoms.

Preventative medicine
  • Osteoporosis prevention and therapy
  • Hypertension prevention and therapy
  • Pre-diabetes consultation
  • Obesity consultation
Chronic disease care
  • COPD
  • Diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2
  • Hypertension
  • Rheumatic diseases
Vaccination consultation

Vaccinations can provide protection against potentially serious diseases in all stages of life – depending on age and situation. Let us clarify the idea behind vaccinations for you. You can then make your decision based on facts.

Travel-related medical consultation

Our specialized doctor provides you with advice in all matters relating to travel and tropical medicine. In the travel consultation we discuss the most important precautions, such as malaria prophylaxis or protection against mosquitoes, as well as recommended and mandatory vaccinations for the relevant trip. Vaccinations can be administered right after the consultation.

School-related check-ups

School-related check-ups ensure the physical and mental well-being of children and adolescents during compulsory schooling – important prerequisites for good academic performance.

Preoperative assessment

Prior to elective surgical procedures, a thorough preoperative medical assessment by nonsurgical specialists (e.g., internists, cardiologists, pulmonologists) may be required to assess the level of risk involved in the operation. Such specialists can also help treat pre-existing conditions (e.g., diabetes) and prevent perioperative and postoperative complications (e.g., cardiac, pulmonary, and infections).

Fitness to drive examination for the traffic office
  • “Fitness to drive” level 1 for persons over 75 years of age as holders of categories A, A1, B, B1, D1
  • “Fitness to drive” level 2 for applicants for driver’s license categories C, C1, D and D1 for professional passenger transport permit.
Minor surgery

Minor surgery refers to surgical procedures that can be performed at the practice under local anesthesia and do not involve surgery on bones, joints, tendons or nerves. We can, for example, remove skin lesions and have the fine tissue examined (histological examination), drain small abscesses (foci of inflammation) under the skin, and remove foreign bodies (except from the eye).

Orthopedic initial treatment

Fast and uncomplicated initial treatment of painful injuries such as bruises or strains.

Care in retirement homes

There is a great variety of organized medical care for people living in long-term care institutions in Switzerland. This is a result of the health care system’s federalist structure on the one hand, and differences between family practitioner and in-house, resident doctor systems and differently orientated institutions on the other.

House calls

Are you or your relatives unable to come to the practice yourself? We also provide medical care for our patients at their homes or at retirement or nursing homes.