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Diagnosis and therapy

Our treatment concepts are tailored to suit our patients’ current, acute situation, biography, life situation and resources. We assess how well patients are coping physically and socially in their environment and where potential dangers lurk.

Thanks to our interdisciplinary team, we can provide a wide range of medical and therapeutic services:

Urine sediment analyses

Urine sediment is a preparation of urine for a microscopic evaluation of the solid components. Certain non-soluble components in the urine sediment may indicate certain diseases of the kidney or urinary tract organs such as the ureter and urinary bladder. The urine sediment analysis is easy to perform and, as a diagnostic method, provides important orienting information for a microbiological assessment as part of urinalysis.

A distinction is made between organic components such as urine cylinders, epithelial cells, leukocytes, erythrocytes, bacteria and non-organic components such as crystals.

Both indicate a variety of diseases and can help in making a diagnosis.

ECG diagnostics
  • Heart rate and rhythm measurement
  • Time-sensitive evaluation of cardiac excitation and repolarization
  • Detection of acute arrhythmias, heart failure and myocardial ischemia
24h ECG diagnostics/ long-term ECG heart rhythm measurement (7-day holter monitoring)

A long-term ECG is indispensable in diagnosing cardiac arrhythmias. This type of ECG looks for intermittent phases with heartbeats that are too fast, extra beats and prolonged pauses between two beats, which can be the causes of palpitations, dizziness or even fainting.

Sleep apnea measurement

Sleep apnea screening (polygraphy) – for investigating sleep-related breathing disorders / snoring diagnostics (often occurs in connection with heart diseases).

Pulmonary function tests

Pulmonary function examinations Pulmonary function testing may be necessary to assess the shortness of breath and may be performed at the practice using a device specifically designed to measure respiratory function. The pulmonary function test and blood oxygen saturation (pulse oximetry) help determine whether shortness of breath is due to lung disease or heart disease.

Laboratory at the practice with all examinations

The practice laboratory is an indispensable resource for physicians at the practice. Laboratory analyses right on-site at the medical practice are quick and inexpensive and are performed primarily for diagnostic and screening purposes as well as follow-up checks.

As the laboratory values are obtained during the medical consultation (presence diagnostics), the doctor can discuss the results with the patients without any additional waiting time.

Emsella® for the treatment of incontinence

Emsella® is a great option for women and men of all ages looking to find a solution for their urinary incontinence and to improve their quality of life. It is an innovative method for treating incontinence and thus boosting self-confidence. This unique technology revolutionizes the field of intimate health and women’s well-being by offering patients suffering from incontinence a completely non-invasive option. A closer look at the most modern exercise methods will show you that almost all of them target the body’s core muscles. Yoga, for example, focuses on the body’s “powerhouse”, which is activated by tensing the corset muscle, diaphragm, spinal muscles and pelvic floor.

Even quite athletic people often have only surprisingly weakly developed deep torso muscles. We now offer the revolutionary Emsella® chair for patients who want to strengthen their core muscles without much effort. The fully dressed patient just sits comfortably on the chair and lets the innovative technology take care of the full rehabilitation of their pelvic floor musculature, without any effort on their part.


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The treatment takes about 30 minutes, during which time patients feel only a slight tingling sensation as well as contractions in their pelvic floor muscles. The cool-flow technology integrated in the chair, which ensures a constant supply of cool air, further increases comfort. Emsella® effectively stimulates the pelvic floor muscles with thousands of supramaximal contractions per session. The stimulation helps patients regain control of their pelvic floor muscles and bladder. This requires about 6-10 sessions, scheduled twice a week.

Increasingly used in professional sports, the treatment is intended for all patients with a weak pelvic floor. The treatment aims to strengthen the body’s midsection and thus not only increase performance, but also boost overall well-being. When it comes to the medical field, Emsella® is primarily used to treat existing incontinence – better known as bladder weakness. If used early enough, this therapy can eliminate the need for surgery.

Treatment is not an option in the following cases:

  • pregnancy / breastfeeding
  • metal in the body or electronic implants (pacemakers, implanted defibrillators)
  • pulmonary insufficiency, heart disease or epilepsy
  • malignant tumors
  • fever
  • taking of blood thinners
  • recent surgery in the area being treated
Shock wave therapy for joint capsule irritation

Focused/linear shock wave therapy is a non-invasive (extracorporeal) treatment technology applied to the musculoskeletal system (extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT)). When applied properly, it should not cause additional pain during treatment.

This requires good communication. The “shock waves” are pressure waves transmitted into the diseased tissue. The waves activate the diseased body cells’ biochemical processes, which ultimately support the body’s self-healing powers. The therapy can lead to local recovery of the tissue (e.g. musculature, tendons and bones) and an associated freedom from pain. Various studies substantiate the effects of shock wave therapy.

There are a few exceptional cases in which ESWT should not be used (e.g., pregnancy). Six treatments are performed at intervals of approximately seven days (per ESWT series). To achieve the highest possible therapeutic effect without overly irritating the diseased area, 3,000 pulses are applied per area requiring treatment (= approx. 12 minutes).

Fields of application
Arguably the most important plus for pain patients is the noticeably positive result from the very first treatment. Shock wave therapy makes this possible. MASTERPULS® offers the best basis for such high patient expectations.

  • achillodynia
  • plantar fasciitis
  • medial tibial stress syndrome
  • patellar tendonitis
  • calcific tendonitis
  • metatarsalgia
  • trigger points: periarticular shoulder pain
  • trigger points: calf muscle shortening
EM-Sculpt® body toning

EM-Sculpt® is the first method worldwide that achieves 16% muscle buildup and 19% fat reduction after one treatment session.

EM-Sculpt® helps rebuild muscles in a gentle and lasting way, while melting fat.

How EM-Sculpt® body toning works
EM-Sculpt® is a versatile body toning treatment. Vigorous muscle contractions tighten the buttocks, reduce stubborn fat pockets and define the abdominal muscles. The technology uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy and has been carefully tested for efficacy and safety by seven independent studies conducted in the United States. Body definition using EM-Sculpt® is suitable for every customer, in principle.


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EM-Sculpt® course of treatment
Treatment with EM-Sculpt® generally requires at least four sessions at intervals of from 2–3 days. Each session takes about 30 minutes and requires no special pre- and post-treatment. During the treatment, the patient can lie down and relax either on either their stomach or their back. An applicator is placed on the buttocks or lower abdominal area and attached with a belt for EM-Sculpt® treatment. The customer can also adjust the device’s intensity during treatment to avoid irritation. EM-Sculpt® induces vigorous muscle contractions that cannot be achieved through conventional exercises. As this stimulates the muscle to an unprecedented extent, it begins to remodel its internal structure while the fat cells shrink.

Following treatment with EM-Sculpt®
Thanks to its unusual approach, treatment with EM-Sculpt® requires no special follow-up care. Following treatment, customers feel like they have just completed an intense workout for the treated areas. Results usually become visible four to six weeks after the last session and intensify over several weeks following treatment. EM-Sculpt® ensures long-lasting results that finally give you a real sense of well-being! The effect is particularly suitable after pregnancy in order to get back a slimmer silhouette.


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